(Sound Designer, Graphic Designer, Developer)

Together with Michael de Gans and Marcus Spaapen, we teamed up with Bartiméus to make a guidance system for visual impaired people. Bartiméus is a Dutch organisation who provides care, support, education and training for partially sighted or blind people.

With the 'Augmented Stereo' technology Michael de Gans and I developed, we guide the user to his difened destination. The App doesn't tell you to go left or right, the user wil hear what's left from right. (… or front from back). The user's destination, or route, is made in advance on a accesible website. You can create a route anyware in the world, it works everywhere. There's also the option to share routes, and it works offline aswell.

Heare is released in April 2013. Visit "Heareapp.com" for more information!


An alteration on Heare
Heare Meccah App: An alteration on Heare